Grado SR325 Headphones and RA-1 Headphone Amplifier






By Anthony Chiarella


For less than $650, you can achieve a level of sound quality that typically costs thousands. How? Compare Grado Laboratories' SR325 headphones and RA-1 headphone amplifier with any amplifier/ speaker combination in the $4000 range, and you'll see -- and hear -- what we mean. Whereas loudspeakers must fill acoustically imperfect listening rooms with sound, headphones work in concert with the small, predictable volume of air between your ear and the headphone driver. The resulting sound is more accurate and consistent, which explains why audio engineers use headphones to monitor the recordings they produce. And the headphones chosen by the most discriminating sound professionals are those made by Grado. Handcrafted with high-purity copper voice coils and connecting cable, machined alloy driver housings and pair-matched left and right drivers for superior stereo imaging, a pair of SR 325s will bring you closer to the musical truth at the heart of great performances.

Whether you purchase, a set of Grados or any other fine 'phones, the headphone jack on the front of you receiver or amplifier will prevent you from realizing their full potential. Uncompromising in design and performance, the RA-1 amplifier is powered by a pair of 9-volt batteries for the last word in detail and noise-free background. Carved from a solid block of precious mahogany, the RA-1 connects to the stereo outputs of any receiver, amplifier or source component and includes its own volume control for easy adjustability.

A winning combination!